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Stuck drill pipe fluids and stuck drill string fluids, the GPC Group offers solutions 
to help free stuck drill pipe or drill string while drilling. If your operation gets stuck during a drill we can help. Let us show you what we can do to get you out.

Although our Friction Reducers are used in normal everyday operations, it is the friction locked and difficult jobs that are handled which best represents the effectiveness of these chemicals. The FR1400 is simply the best friction reducer on the market, this revolutionary proprietary chemical bridges the gap between friction and cleaning and covers all three parts of the process:

 ~ Lowers pump pressure
 ~ Lubricates the pipe contact
 ~ Provides complete suspension for sand

To View Actual Field Usage Results: Click Here

This product provides a ten-fold improvement in frictional pipe contact, reducing drag and allowing the pipe to be conveyed further into the wellbore, 
also providing total suspension for sand with a low funnel viscosity and keeps pump pressures within the same ranges as the friction reducer alone.

~ Designed to work at bottom hole temperatures (BHT) in excess of 400˙F

~ Withstands chlorides in fully saturated conditions (180,000 Ppm +)

~ This liquid concentrate provides improved mix dispersion with limited agitation

~ This product can be delivered in either buckets or totes depending on your requirements

Note: References are available upon request

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