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Brine water and salt water remediation spill clean up for the oil and gas industry.
The application is a simple and cost effective solution to brine and salt water spills  
that can keep your business in compliance with environmental regulations and help reduce disposal and remediation costs.

Brine water and salt water spills unfortunately are inevitability of drilling and producing oil. They hurt the environment, your relationship with landowners, and your bottom-line. You are in the business of producing oil and when you have to move people and equipment to clean spills, 
that takes you away from what makes you money. We provide a solution that takes care of the brine salt water remediation and landowner relationship so you can focus on what you do best, produce oil.

For landowners, this is a new solution to the age-old problem of brine water and salt water spills. Producers have tried to clean them up, but currently the solutions are to expensive in the long-term. We offer an environmentally friendly product that will remediate brine salt in the soil 
cheaply with long-term results.  

How It Works

This product works through attracting sodium and neutralizing salts. These two attributes combat all of the problems associated with brine water 
and salt water spills. The product is able to attract the highly positive sodium particles and by removing the sodium off the soil particles and onto 
the solution, the soil particles are then able to re-aggregate, which opens up the soil. Now the soil has been opened up to allow the salt to be 
moved down, which leads to how this solution neutralizes the brine and salt.

Neutralizing the brine and salt is needed for the long term health of the site and this is marked by the salt not returning to the surface. Our product 
is able to break apart the salts that are not normally soluble by water and then puts them in their ionic form. This is done by a form of chelation, and since the salts won’t reform, the salt won’t resurface.

Environmentally Friendly Remediation

This product/technology works without exposing people, animals or the environment to toxins and harsh chemicals.

Proven Effective:
In the lab and in the real world, it has been proven effective for remediating without causing greater risk to the environment.


Brine and Salt Water Spills


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