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Crude oil well and chemical spill remediation clean up for the oil and gas drilling industry. The application is a simple and cost effective solution to oil & chemical 
spills that can keep your business in compliance with environmental regulations 
and reduce disposal and remediation costs.

This is an effective industrial solution to remediate hydrocarbon contamination in water, soil, sand and other environments without exposing people, animals or sensitive ecosystems to toxins, harsh chemicals, allergens or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The technology works much faster (even in adverse conditions) when compared to microbial treatments, and is safer than dispersants.

The application of the hydrocarbon remediation product is a simple and cost effective solution to oil, gasoline, fuel spills and acidic wastewater that can keep your business in compliance with environmental regulations and reduce disposal costs.

How It Works-Mechanics of Conversion

This product works through the mechanics of conversion. It remediates by changing the chemical properties of hydrocarbons, rendering 
them harmless and non-bioavailable. The product has been successfully used in the catalytic conversion of organic environmental contaminants without extreme efforts or unusual techniques.

It is most often spray applied to the affected area on soil, water or hard surface. When applied to impacted soil, a minimal reaction time renders the contaminant irreversibly altered and non-hazardous. Remediation, Not Transfer -Unlike other products and methods on the market, it does not cover up or transfer hydrocarbons, it remediates them.

Environmentally Friendly Remediation

This product/technology works without exposing people, animals or the environment to toxins and harsh chemicals.

Is Rapidly Biodegradable

Is Allergen Free

Contains Zero VOCs

Can be Used Alone or in Concert with Other Processes and Products

Proven Effective:
In the lab and in the real world, it has been proven effective for remediating hydrocarbons without causing greater risk to the environment.

Use on:

  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Grasses
  • Marshes
  • Wetlands
  • Freshwater
  • Saltwater
  • Concrete
  • And More

Works on:

  • Oil Spills
  • Fuel Oil Leakage
  • PCBs
  • Gas Spills
  • Crude Oil
  • Oil Sludge
  • Creosote
  • Chemicals
  • Acidic Wastewater

Results from real-world remediation projects:

  Kuwait Crude Oil Spill

  In Kuwait, our technology was used after a significant crude oil spill. 
  Soil from the spill with initial readings of over 2,900 ppb Total Parts  
  Hydrocarbons (TPH) was reduced to 810 ppb in just 24 hours and with  
  one treatment. No further readings were taken because the 810 ppb 
  result met the Kuwait environmental requirements. However, the TPH  
  likely continued to decline to near zero over time with little or no   
  additional treatment.


Drilling Yard Remediation
At a drilling yard, our technology was used to reduce TPH in soil. A Phase II report on the property revealed an average of 6000 ppm TPH in 490 yard3 of soil. After our product was applied, a reduction to 138-120 ppm TPH was shown in just five days. Further reduction (with no further treatment) showed results down to 23-10 ppm after 27 days.

 Crude Oil Spill
Our technology was extremely effective at a crude oil spill. A single  
 application at a rate of 2.5 gallons per yard3 reduced hydrocarbon 
 petroleum leach ability by 72% to satisfy minimum standards. No 
 soil removal or further treatment was required.

Diesel & Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
A study involving semi-volatile organic compounds and diesel indicated that the use of our technology shows an average decline of 59% for the semi-volatile compounds and 68% reduction of the diesel. The study further showed that the mobilities of selected organic compounds are effectively reduced when treated with our product.

Highly Effective

Hydrocarbon remediation is effective on both land and water, and is not subject to strict constraints like temperature, pH, moisture and light. Itís easy to spray apply and saves you valuable time, in addition to saving the environment.

Reduces Risk

Using this product can reduce health/environmental risks and legal liability.

Faster Than Microbes

It remediates hydrocarbons in a fraction of the time needed by microbes. For instance, tests show a full 70% reduction in light crude oil within just 48 hours. And in field remediation, it reduced high weight hydrocarbons in soil in five days compared with the typical 12 to 18 months required when using microbial treatments.



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