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Eco friendly oil and gas chemical absorbents for the oil and gas industry.

Non-toxic, field proven, industrial absorbents that are economical, efficient,         non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-leaching. Provides a powerful wicking action 
and encapsulates oils, fuels, solvents, pesticides, herbicides and much more.

Spilled Oil and Fuels

If your company is primarily using clay or pads to deal with leaks and spills, STOP! Our Products are less expensive and dramatically more 
effective than any clay based absorbent on the market today. Chemicals are a continual bi-product of oil and gas production. On land or on water, our products quickly encapsulate a spill, protecting the surrounding environment. If there is a spill onshore or offshore, our products are effective in absorbing hydrocarbons. It works the first time, every time. They don't just pick up oil like a paper towel or sponge, but rather truly absorbs and encapsulates. This full absorption means that it does not leach absorbed product when under pressure or exposed to water. Pads and clay simply contain and leave a mess and residue. Our products are the most cost effective and eco-friendly absorbents in the industry. They are light weight and reduce disposal costs which allows employees and management to stay focused on their jobs and customers.


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